Why TEFCEL Model in the Oil and Gas Industry Contracts?

First, the TEFCEL integrated and comprehensive management, as a comprehensive plan to manage the industry contract particularly the most complicated ones, has been first introduced by Dr S N Ebrahimi at its workshop held in London in 2005, and since then such concept has become the predominate lectures and presentations of Dr Ebrahimi in various seminars, conferences, academic forums and workshops throughout the world.  The TEFCEL model developed by Dr Ebrahimi and exercised in both project and company scales, is able to manage oil and gas contract comprehensively and integratedly. It is to promote Petroleum Contracts Management as similar to the Petroleum Project Management.

Secondly, Contract Management is not a single event as many might misconceive it, but it is a chain of events under a lengthy process, commencing with the Brain Storming and ending with the Contract Close Out. Therefore, it is necessary to the TEFCEL expert to name and discuss the commonalities and differences between Contract Management and Project Management based on the Principles, Concepts, Procedures, Tools, Measures, KPI, Criteria and outcomes

Third, Since TEFCEL model in oil and gas contract management (“Group”) stands for the multiple-colour and multidisciplinary issues of “Technical, Technological, Economic, Financial, Fiscal, Commercial, Contractual, Environmental (i.e. Political, Business, Social, HSSE and Ecological Environments) and Legal”, a person engaged in the oil and gas industry contract should be at least an expert in one of the above mentioned elements. Of course, any multiple expert, particularly in the field of petroleum contracts, are most welcome

Forth, an Oil and Gas Contract Expert is the  one who should either be an expert in the wider “Contract Management” industry or should be interested in such industry and willing to comprehend and manage A-Z process of “Contracting Strategy”, “Contracts Strategy”, ”Contracts Negotiation”, “Contracts Drafting and Conclusion”, “Contracts Performance”, “Contracts Close-Out and Settlement”, “Contracts Claim and Disputes Preventions and Resolutions”

Forth, any TEFCEL expert should act an associate with other members, discuss and/or participate in the TEFCEL Contract Management in the petroleum contracts merely on technical and professional basis, while keeping and observing ethical and moral codes of conducts. Thus, he/she, particularly those of multiple-experts, should endeavour to contribute his/her knowledge and experiences to other members of the TEFCEL group and share them with others generously and effectively.


The TEFCEL model that stands for Technical, Technological, EconomicFinancial, Fiscal, Commercial, Contractual, Environmental and Legal aspects of each industry contracts, can only be worked out by an integrated team of professional experts with the multilateral disciplinary capabilities, who can exercise in a business unit environment, while seeking to achieve any and all goals of the industry contracts. Single accountability with equality of vision and mission as well as the professional codes of conducts with defined coordination procedures to be worked out internally and externally, creates added values to the projects and contracts if managed professionally by any company. TEFCEL model is considered as an advanced long term investment in management technology, staff qualification through training and education, whether to be formulated under SPV or a business unit and entity, should be able to manage and administer the contracts from A-Z, i.e., throughout the brainstorming to feasibility study, SWOT Analysis, Risk Identification and Analysis, CFT Process, Contract Negotiation, Contract Conclusion, Contract Performance, Contract Claim Prevention, Contract Close-Out, and Dispute Resolution.