What is TEFCEL about and What Does it Offer?

  • TEFCEL is a world leading strategic management, project management, and risk management consultancy, specialized in providing integrated and comprehensive solutions for long-term project and contract interface management.
  • With a comprehensive business model and a cradle-to-cradle approach to problem solving, TEFCEL provides consultancy services for clients in the upstream and downstream energy sector, in risk identification/ analysis, contract negotiation and performance management, contract claim prevention management, contract close-out, and dispute resolution.
  • In addition, the TEFCEL’s experienced professionals provide on-going support and training services to assist clients in developing integrated and comprehensive solutions to cope with strategic, project, and contractual challenges, and deliver consistent results throughout the lifecycle of projects and contracts.
  • Using its Technical, Technological, Economic, Financial, Fiscal, Commercial, Contractual, Environmental and Legal expertise to manage the fractal interface between projects and contracts, TEFCEL is positioned to effectively manage project risks and contracts from execution through to successful completion in the most uncertain and dynamic business environments.