Application of TEFCEL in Other Industries

First, though the TEFCEL Model was initiated and developed in the oil and gas industry, but its application is not restricted and limited to this industry only. That is the TEFCEL Model would be able to manage any other industry contracts, particularly in an international environment which is accompanied with the complexities, uncertainties and multiple risks.

Secondly, TEFCEL Model could be utilized in any industry contracts, other than just oil and gas industry, where it is highly required to find and designate the strategic, comprehensive, integrated and multiple expertise approach. Therefore, such Model should also be workable and operational in other industry. This is why the TEFCEL Model’s Slogan was initially announced in the London Oil and Gas Summit in 2005 as in  below:

“Manage Complexities, Uncertainties & multiple Risks in Your International Contracts with the Strategic, Comprehensive, Integrated & Multiple Expertise Approach of the TEFCEL Model”