TEFCEL Model v. General Terms & Conditions

First, TEFCEL model is not against the general conditions or any other templates of the contracts that are available in the energy market. Accordingly, though ‘same tip contract’ approach is somehow practical and under certain circumstances is acceptable, but such approach should not defy by any means the implementation of the TEFCEL model throughout A-Z process of the lifecycle drafting of the contract.

Second, it should be well understood that oil and gas industry contract shall under no circumstances be overlooked, treated unequally, or left over as a trivial document. The complicated industry such as oil and gas certainly cannot afford to oversee that the contracts are concluded on divine rule basis, unattended, and locked into the left over box of the project management. Thus, any pre-drafted contracts, contracts models, contracts formats or general terms and conditions of the contracts should be properly reviewed and discussed, then trimmed or modified for the special purposes of the particular case in hand