TEFCEL General training program outlines:

5. Drafting and designing finance and Agreements

  • Terminology and Expressions in Financing & Investment Agreement/Contract
  • Types of Financing & Investment Agreement/Contract
  • Varieties of Project Financing & Investment Agreement/Contract in O&G Projects (Buy-Back, BOT, PPP, JV, EPCF etc.)
  • Legal & Contractual Foundations for Project Financing & Investment Contracts
  • Legal & Contractual Rights and Duties/Obligations of Company, Contractor and Financiers/Investors in Project Financing & Investment Agreement/Contract
  • Other Main Terms and Conditions in The Project Financing & Investment Agreement/Contract

6. Contract Risks Identification & Risks Analysis prior to the O&G Contract Conclusion

  • During the Feasibility Studies
  • During Project Definition
  • During Conceptual Studies
  • During CFT preparation and Process
  • During Contract Award, Contract Negotiation and Contract Conclusion

7. Contract Risks Identification & Risks Analysis During Post Contract Conclusion and during Contract Performance

  • Contract Peformance
  • Contract Administration
  • Contract Management
  • Contract Claim/Contract Counter-Claim

8.Contract Risks Identification & Risk AnalysisDuring Post Contract Performance and the Contract Close-Out

  • Contract Close out v. Project Completion
  • Contract’s Certificates and
  • Contract’s Settlement
  • Contract’s Quit Claim

9. Contract Risks Identification & Risk Analysis During Contract Disputes Settlement

  • Contract Conflicts  Prevention
  • Contract Dispute Settlement Mechanisms
    • ADR (Negotiation, Compromise, Reconciliation, Mediation, Expert Determination, TEFCEL committe)
    • Arbitration
    • Litigation

10. Risks Identification, Assessment and Management:

  • Risk Mitigation features in contracts
  • Mitigation of contractual risks within an organization (e.g. TEFCEL Model)
  • General Considerations of O&G Contract risk and its ways of management, including why and how to manage the industry contract risks; risk management via contractual provisions

11. The special workshop for understanding various techniques and methods to manage dispute resolutions and claims involved in the industry

  • Definition of Claimsand Disputes
  • Expressions and Terminology
  • Types, Elements, Reasons and Causes forClaims Management & Disputes Resolution inO&G Contracts
  • TEFCEL Issues on Claims Management and Disputes Resolution in O&G Contracts
  • Documentation, Communication and Administration of Claims & Disputes Resolution in O&G Contracts
  • Disputes and ClaimsPrevention Mechanisms in O&G Contracts
  • Effects of Conflicts, Disputes or Claimsin O&G Contracts
  • Principles and Procedures for the Claims Management & Disputes Settlements in O&G Contracts
  • Methods and Steps to Deal with the Claims & Disputes in O&G Contracts
  • Mechanisms of Claims & DisputesResolution