TEFCEL General training program outlines:

TEFCEL General training program outlines:

1. The interactive workshop for commercial contract and negotiation skills for oil and gas industry

  • Definition and Terminology
  • Nature of Negotiations and its General Overview
  • Negotiation in Difficult Legal/Contracts Environments
  • Foundations, Principles, Tactics and Skills
  • TEFCEL Elements of Negotiation
  • Cross Cultural Issues
  • Duties and Obligations of Negotiators
  • W&H Questions of Negotiations
  • Documents and Essentials During Negotiations
  • Powerful Negotiation Steps and Stages
  • Outcomes of Negotiations
  • Sources of Power in Negotiations
  • Misconcepts and Mistakes of Negotiations
  • Powerful Management Risks During Contracts Negotiation
  • “Dos” and “DONTs” of Negotiation
  • TIPS for Negotiation Skills
  • Inevitable Requirements for the TEFCEL Team of Negotiation

2. The practical workshop for understanding and drafting upstream oil and gas contract

  • Upstream Oil and Gas Laws & Contracts
  • Types of Agreement/Contracts in Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
  • Nature, Concepts, Principles, Rules and Procedures in Upstream Oil and Gas Industry
  • Types of Upstream Oil and Gas Contracts in Iran
  • Three Generation of Buy-Back Contracts in Iran
  • New Devolvement of IPC in Upstream oil and Gas Projects in Iran

3. The comprehensive and training work shop on managing and drafting downstream agreement within petroleum industry

  • General Terminology and Expression of O & G Downstream contracts
  • General Principles & Procedures on O & G Downstream contracts
  • General and Specific Terms and Conditions of O&G Downstream Contracts

4. Specific Types and Varieties of Downstream Contracts:

  • Downstream LNG contracts
  • Downstream Petrochemical Contracts
  • Downstream Refineries Contracts
  • Downstream Transportation Contracts
  • Downstream Pipelines Contracts
  • Downstream Oil & Gas Marketing Contracts
  • Downstream Oil & Gas Sales and Purchase Contracts
  • Downstream Oil & Gas Distribution Contracts
  • Downstream Oil & Gas Swap Contracts