Technological Element of TEFCEL Model


Technological elements of TEFCEL constitutes any and all elements related to the technological issues of oil and gas projects and contracts including but not limited to the unitization, transfer and development of technology; international standards and indexes; best/good oil industry practices; joint R&D technology; impacts of technology on 4 cores of the projects, i.e. time, costs, scope and quality; and know-how, know-what, know-why, know-where, know-when

Technical element should not be treated as an identical with the Technological element, as the latter is not restricted to be always technical since it could be visualized in other TEFCEL elements such as financial or contractual, and the former could be non-technological oriented element. Therefore one should always differentiate between these two elements of T&T in the TEFCEL model.

We should also acknowledge that most of customers/consumers/end-users of technology in the oil and gas industry, particularly coming from the developing or third world countries, are totally confused or lost when dealing with the technology for various issues, mainly:

(1) They, instead of entering into the real business of technology dealings, usually purchase technology oriented products only;

(2) they usually confine with the KH (i.e. Know-How) of technology, but do not seek or do not get into the button line of business, i.e. to get KWs (e.g. Know-What, Know-Why, Know-Where , Know-When) of the technology;

(3) they do not have proper and comprehensive observation on the three stages of technology, i.e. Utilization, Development and Transfer of technology;

(4) they do not have strong R&D system to enter into the business of getting into the root/development/expansion of the technology;

(5) they do not have the bargaining power to negotiate on the proprietary and IP based technology.

(6) They do wrongly conceive that technology is restricted to the technical element but should be compressively applied to the all TEFCEL elements.


Further issues and related explanations should be elaborated in the particular course of TEFCEL Model