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Comprehensive Contracts Management of Oil and Gas Contracts via TEFCEL Model


The TEFCEL General Course on the “Comprehensive Contracts Management of Oil and Gas Contracts via TEFCEL Model” is widely delivered to the oil and gas professionals who like to involve in the international oil and gas negotiation process dealing with the major obstacles and difficulties and learning how to negotiate upstream or downstream contracts. This course , instructed by Dr. S. ... Read More »

TEFCEL Model v. General Terms & Conditions


First, TEFCEL model is not against the general conditions or any other templates of the contracts that are available in the energy market. Accordingly, though ‘same tip contract’ approach is somehow practical and under certain circumstances is acceptable, but such approach should not defy by any means the implementation of the TEFCEL model throughout A-Z process of the lifecycle drafting ... Read More »

TEFCEL Risks in the Oil and Gas Contracts

Petroleum Industry structure

First, one should appreciate to distinguish the external and internal TEFCEL multiple risks. While the recognition, analysis and management of the internal TEFCEL risks depend on the company’s strengthens and weaknesses, but such management of the external risks should also take into its account the opportunities and threatens surrounding the company’s activities. Overally, when dealing with internal and external risks, all ... Read More »

Contracts Management v. Project Management

Contracts Management v. Project Management

First, the petroleum industry contracts should resemble the TEFCEL elements in the same line as with the requirements of the industry projects. Therefore, one should always realize that TEFCEL elements shall work with each other in a fractal way which are ‘the same from near as from far’, but such destination is not right at all. Secondly, it is not ... Read More »

Why TEFCEL Model in the Oil and Gas Industry Contracts?

Why TEFCEL Model in the Oil and Gas Industry Contracts?

First, the TEFCEL integrated and comprehensive management, as a comprehensive plan to manage the industry contract particularly the most complicated ones, has been first introduced by Dr S N Ebrahimi at its workshop held in London in 2005, and since then such concept has become the predominate lectures and presentations of Dr Ebrahimi in various seminars, conferences, academic forums and ... Read More »

Number of Experts Required in TEFCEL Model

Number of Experts Required in TEFCEL Model

First,  whether it is required to have at least nine (9) senior experts, compared to the nine (9) elements of the TEFCEL Model, in order to manage oil and gas industry contract via this model, it seems that it’s not about the number of experts that may be required to manage oil and gas contracts negotiation, but it is all about effectiveness, efficacy ... Read More »

Problem of Best/Good Oil Industry Practices and International Standards

Problem of Best/Good Oil Industry Practices and International Standards

First, though it is normal practice in oil and gas contracts negotiation and contracts drafting to refer to the best/good oil industry practices, or to the best/good international standards, but it seems to me that those references will neither prevent the occurrence of any possible claim or disputes in future, nor strongly support their case of concern to be easily settled. Secondly, ... Read More »

Application of TEFCEL in Other Industries

TEFCEL Model would Apply on Other Industry Too

First, though the TEFCEL Model was initiated and developed in the oil and gas industry, but its application is not restricted and limited to this industry only. That is the TEFCEL Model would be able to manage any other industry contracts, particularly in an international environment which is accompanied with the complexities, uncertainties and multiple risks. Secondly, TEFCEL Model could ... Read More »

Lines of Differences between Economic, Financial, Fiscal & Commercial Elements of TEFCEL Model

The lines of distinction and differences between “Economic”, “Financial”, and “Fiscal” and “Commercial” elements of the TEFCEL model, All Members First, it is not easy to define exactly with clear boundary lines of differences between interchangeable terms of Economic, Financial, Fiscal and Commercial elements. These terms could be defined differently from one domestic system to other system, from one industry ... Read More »