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Legal challenges and risks of industry contracts

Legal Elements of TEFCEL Model constitutes any and all elements related to the legality and lawfulness of the projects and contract including but not limited to the applicable laws and regulations; disputes settlement; hardship, force majeure, impossibility and termination; bribery & corruption; sovereign immunity v. commerciality; IP rights and obligations; claims & counter-claims; obligations, responsibility, accountability and liability;

Legal analysis of the oil and gas contract via TEFCEL Model is a social sciences discipline in the oil and gas comprehensive and integrated contracts management that studies the above mentioned legal elements of the contract which may engaged the state’s interference in the petroleum contracts, mandatory rules and regulations prevailing on the oil and gas contracts; and any lex petrolea that bring legally binding effects to the parties in the oil and gas contracts.

Amongst the legal services provided particularly in the oil and gas industry: Rights and Obligations of Parties; Ownership/Title/ Sovereignty/Property/Reserves; Indemnity; Waiver of Recourse/Quit Claim/Disclaimer; Breach & Termination; Hardship, Force Majeure, Frustrations & Impossibility; Stabilization and Tax Clause; Bribery & Corruption and Other Illegal Acts; Sovereign Immunity v. Commercial Transactions; Assignment; IP Rights; Confidentiality; Claim v. Counter-Claim; Applicable Law; Dispute Settlement.