economictefcelEconomic challenges and risks of industry contracts 

Economic elements of TEFCEL constitutes of any and all micro-economic issues of the project and contract including but not limited to the economic FS, Survey and SWOT; economic IRR/ROR; economic R-Factors of petroleum contracts; optimization of costs and revenues; economic cash-flow (cash out & in) balancing and outcomes; economic lifecycle management; incentive packages; reserves booking; HG & IOC takes;

Amongst the economic services provided particularly in the oil and gas industry: Evaluation of the Role of HGs/NOCs in the chain business of Upstream/Midstream/Downstream); Rate of Return (ROR/IRR) ; requirements of billion dollar investments v. revenues and net incomes; long term of more than 25 year or greater economic studies and consideration; optimization of the balance between revenue and CAPEX, Non-CAPEX, OPEX.