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Contractual challenges and risks of industry contracts

Contractual element of TEFCEL constitutes any and all elements related to the contracts and contractual issues, including but not limited tot the contracts preparation; contracts definition; contracts and contracting strategies; contract negotiation; contract drafting and conclusion; contract execution and performance; contract settlement; contract close out; contract term & conditions; contract progress report; contracts entities such as JMC & subcommittees; contract objectives and targets; validity and effectiveness; contracts review, adjustment and recognitions; and contracts documentation and documents.

Amongst the Contractual services provided particularly in the oil and gas industry: Depecage/Dismemberment/Severance; Analysis of State/HG participation; Objectives/Targets of Contracts; Validity and Effectiveness; Flexibility/Dynamic; analysis of E&P Phases / Stages; Contracts Entities (e.g. JMC & Subcomittees); Time / Extension of Time (Financial implication v. Non-Financial implications; Contract Documents; Contract Regular Reports v. Contract Check Lists/KPI ; Contract Review and Renegotiation Clauses ; evaluation on Chain of contracts (upstream to Downstream); Parties to Contract.