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TEFCEL Workshop Gallery

TEFCEL Workshop Gallery  The practical workshop for understanding and drafting upstream oil and gas contract- Tehran 2015 TEFCEL Workshop on Oil and Gas Local Content, Beijing, China, 2014 TEFCEL Workshop on Oil and Gas Local Content, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2013 TEFCEL Workshop on Oil and Gas Local Content, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2010 TEFCEL Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2010 TEFCEL ... Read More »

TEFCEL General training program outlines:


TEFCEL General training program outlines: 1. The interactive workshop for commercial contract and negotiation skills for oil and gas industry Definition and Terminology Nature of Negotiations and its General Overview Negotiation in Difficult Legal/Contracts Environments Foundations, Principles, Tactics and Skills TEFCEL Elements of Negotiation Cross Cultural Issues Duties and Obligations of Negotiators W&H Questions of Negotiations Documents and Essentials During ... Read More »

The Comprehensive Management of Oil and Gas Contracts via TEFCEL Model

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Courses on “Comprehensive Management of Oil and Gas Industry Contracts via TEFCEL Model” These Courses will be provided in three levels of “A”, “B”, and “C” taking into account the general understanding of the “Comprehensive Management of Oil and Gas Contracts via TEFCEL Model” to the most detailed, specific and complicated issues that are prevailing in the contemporary oil and ... Read More »

Contract Management Training Program Based on TEFCEL model

TEFCEL Traininig

For the first time in the oil and gas industry , TEFCEL training program will be offered under the scheme of the “Comprehensive Management of Oil and Gas Industry Contracts via TEFCEL Model” in a calloboartion between “Dadgoo International Law Firm (DILF)”, an official representative of UK TEFCEL Company in Iran and the “Institute for International Energy Studies (IIES)”, affiliated to the ... Read More »

Contract Comprehensive and Integrated Management of TEFCEL Model

Oil and Gas Integrated and Comprehensive Contract Management or Contract Administration is the management of contracts that should be made by the industry experts with HGs, NOCs, IOCs, NOCs, SOCs, Operators, Contractors and wider groups of GC, EPC, customers, vendors, partners, or employees. These highly professional experts shall get involved not only in the conventional approach of the Contract Administration ... Read More »

Technical element of TEFCEL Model

Technical analysis

Technical analysis of the petroleum contracts as the first element of the TEFCEL model is a comprehensive analysis of the Technical elements of TEFCEL that constitutes any and all activities related to the technical and operational issues of the oil and gas projects and contracts, including but not limited to the activities envisaged in the scope of works of the ... Read More »

Economic elements of TEFCEL Model

Number of Experts Required in TEFCEL Model

Economic elements of TEFCEL constitutes of any and all micro-economic issues of the project and contract including but not limited to the economic FS, Survey and SWOT; economic IRR/ROR; economic R-Factors of petroleum contracts; optimization of costs and revenues; economic cash-flow (cash out & in) balancing and outcomes; economic lifecycle management; incentive packages; reserves booking; HG & IOC takes; Further issues ... Read More »

Environmental elements of TEFCEL model

Contracts Management v. Project Management

Environmental element of TEFCEL constitutes any and all elements related to the environments issues including but not limited to the: (1) Political Environment, e.g. political system, public policy, HG & NOCs relationship, BIT & MITS; (2) Business Environment, e.g. JV, Consortium, JOA, PA, and Alliances, (3) Social Environment, e.g. LC, trainings, CSR, stakeholders and local indigenous; (4) Cultural Environment, e.g. ... Read More »

Nature of Oil and Gas Contracts

TEFCEL Model would Apply on Other Industry Too

Nature of Petroleum Contracts is that it is more complex, complicated, sophisticated, and uncertain contracts comparing to any other conventional contract. The petroleum contracts usually refer to those of upstream and downstream contracts. Examples of the former are Loyalty/Tax System, PSC/PSA, JOA/JV, RSC, and of the latter are EC, PC, EPC, EPFC, BOT, Alliances, PPP. Thus, since the nature and characteristics ... Read More »

Managing Petroleum Complexities and Uncertainties via TEFCEL Model

Problem of Best/Good Oil Industry Practices and International Standards

The Petroleum Industry or Oil and Gas Industry includes the global processes of exploration, appraisal, development, extraction, production, transfer, refining, transporting (often by oil tankers and pipelines), and marketing of petroleum products. Varieties of products will be the outcome of the upstream investment in this industry. The crude oil or natural gas extracted from the upstream projects will be transported ... Read More »