The Comprehensive Management of Oil and Gas Contracts via TEFCEL Model

Courses on “Comprehensive Management of Oil and Gas Industry Contracts via TEFCEL Model

These Courses will be provided in three levels of “A”, “B”, and “C” taking into account the general understanding of the “Comprehensive Management of Oil and Gas Contracts via TEFCEL Model” to the most detailed, specific and complicated issues that are prevailing in the contemporary oil and gas industry.

The schedule of the First General Courses (“Level A”) is as follow:

  1. “Negotiation Skills of Lifecycles of Oil and Gas Contracts” 
  2. “Design and Drafting of Upstream Oil and Gas Contracts” 
  3. “Design and Drafting of Downstream Oil and Gas Contracts”
  4. “Design and Drafting of Project Financing and Investment in Oil and Gas Industry”
  5. “Identification, Assessment and Management of Risks in Oil and Gas Contracts”
  6. “Design and Drafting of Claim Management and Dispute Resolution Methods in Oil and Gas Industry”


  • The Schedule of the second level course (“Level B”) and the subsequent Level of the TEFCEL Model course (“Level C”) will be announced aftermath.
  • If a person registered for all the courses rendered in each Level “A”, “B”, and “C” and then would be able to pass the relevant assessment of the Courses, then the relevant TEFCEL Level Certificate will be granted.
  • It is possible for individual or group trainees to participate in one or more of those courses, but not completing the whole courses on the “Comprehensive Management of Oil and Gas Contracts via TEFCEL Model”. However, in these circumstances, he will not be entitled to receive the certificate of the “Comprehensive Contracts Management of Oil and Gas contracts via TEFCEL Model”, but he will only receive the TEFCEL model certificate of that particular course only.