About us

TEFCEL is a world leading strategic management, project management, and risk management consultancy, specialized in providing integrated and comprehensive solutions for long-term project and contract interface management. With a comprehensive business model and a cradle-to-cradle approach to problem solving, TEFCEL provides consultancy services for clients in the upstream and downstream energy sector, in risk identification/ analysis, contract negotiation and performance management, contract claim prevention management, contract close-out, and dispute resolution. In addition, the company’s experienced professionals provide on-going support and training services to assist clients in developing integrated and comprehensive solutions to cope with strategic, project, and contractual challenges, and deliver consistent results throughout the lifecycle of projects and contracts. Using its Technical, Technological, Economic, Financial, Fiscal, Commercial, Contractual, Environmental and Legal expertise to manage the fractal interface between projects and contracts, TEFCEL is positioned to effectively manage project risks and contracts from execution through to successful completion in the most uncertain and dynamic business environments


Our Mission

“To manage Complexities, uncertainties, and multiple risks in International Contracts using a dynamic strategic, comprehensive and Integrated Multi-expert approach to risk identification and contract lifecycle management”

Our values

Our excellent service delivery is underpinned by the calibre of our people, the sophistication of our network, and the collaboration across our portfolio of expertise.
  • Our clients are guaranteed world-class services from talented, trained, and experienced people.
  • The basis for our competitive advantage is our commitment to building a global network of experts with varied experiences and capabilities to cope effectively in different markets and jurisdictions.
  • Our lifecycle approach to problem solving, and the Collaboration across our portfolio of experts is the cornerstone for our excellent service delivery. Through our world-class training and consultancy, our clients can effectively manage the risk interface between contract management and project management in uncertain and complex project environments.

Our commitment to customers

Using our unique approach to risk and contract management, TEFCEL is committed to providing competitive performance enhancing services to our customers. Our business is carried out in a consistent and transparent manner and we pride ourselves in building a solid industry-wide reputation for integrity, trustworthiness and fair dealing. We have developed a track record of reducing costs, improving schedules, managing risks, maximising safety and delivering critical project objectives through effective and comprehensive contract management.